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Welcome to this site along with The Stonehenge Postcards Gallery it's companion site and gallery. These two galleries showcase the vast majority of my personal Stonehenge collection, a collection built over a number of years of serious ebaying. Help promote the collecting of Stonehenge Collectables visit ebay, bid early and bid often.

In an attempt to stimulate contact with others on this subject, I have created StonehengeGuy on

You may have been directed to this site by an email from me about a Stonehenge item I wish to add to the gallery, or you may have happened across this site during this construction period from any one of a number of search methods. In either case ... Welcome to the gallery. Over time this site will evolve to somthing halfway between a Gallery and a Blog, in the mean time it is my goal to collect as many attributed examples and identify as many Stonehenge collectors as I can.

I have taken some time, from my collecting and started a Gallery FAQ in an attempt to answer some of the more common questions and provide some background information for new visitors.

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From time to time I purge my collection of the duplicate cards I pick up along the way. Some have been replaced in the collection by other more appropiate examples. If you would like to contribute to this effort, these items can be found on ebay when available. your host.

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