Stonehenge Gallery - FAQ

I will attempt to answer some of the more common questions..
How are items chosen for inclusion ?
Items are chosen for inclusion in the gallery based on a number of reasons. The most common is the simple fact that the item represents the best and in some cases only example I have found to date that illustrates a point I am attempting to make in a mutterings somewhere, either present or future. FYI: I am writing a book on the subject and often store images and notes in the gallery for future links and mutterings. I try to limit the incomplete listings and albums under construction in the member only areas but too often debree spills over into public areas.

Where did all this stuff come from ?
That is simple, mostly via ebay, in addition to the generosity of a small number of other collectors. I provide links where I feel they are appropriate or deserving, and where other items like new books, posters, and current collectibles have affiliate links available for the casual shopper. ....

For the record, my spelling tends to be bad, and my typing is not much better !
I am a half blind, arthritic, and have very little formal education, I will strive to address errors and omissions pointed out by those who have a better grasp of the language or subject than I ....
Feel free to contact me directly: Bob Bradlee your host and mutterer.

Why ?
That is a good question and may someday result in my composing a bio, but alas not today. As what some would call a some what hard core Stonehenge Collector, I find the question silly. It is my goal for this collectables site to evolve into a cross between a Gallery and a Blog where information about Stonehenge Collectables and collecting can be shared freely. Oh yes you did ask why, I guess because it had never been done before. When I first googled stonehenge collectables and stonehenge postcards, there was very little to find on the subject at the time I started this project... ....

Why is registration required to leave comments ?
Registration is required to leave questions and comments in most areas, as the full size images are only available to registered members. This helps to keep google and the other search engines from indexing random comments out of context. The email based confermation and password control works nicely in the Gallery software, so lets make use of it :)
Sign up today it's free ....

The StonehengeCollectables Gallery support the following types of listing in the current gallery format.

Personal items: These items are part of my personal collection. While the vast majority of my collection was acquired on ebay, several items were donations by supporters. Needless to say if you are willing to donate an item, or if size or value prohibits donation, you allow me to produce a postcard documenting or commemorating your original art or collectable, it will be added to the gallery and attributed appropriately.

As seen online or at auction: These items are representative of what has been sold in the past and are only presented as placeholders for otherwise undocumented items from anonymous sources. These listings have been sanitized of personal information and are provided as anchor points or placeholders to attract comments until a properly attributed item or listing can be obtained. In most cases I have made personal contact with either the buyer or seller of these items. And they either they could not be bothered to answer or in some cases they preferred to remain anonymous. I do not wish to listed any item against the owners wishes, please contact me if you have a problem with any listing and I will attempt to address your concerns.

Currently available listings: These items include a direct links to a source where they may be acquired. Often these links will take you directly to the artisan's website or their ebay store, sometimes to an affiliate link where you can help support this effort with your purchase. This is about as close to an advertisement one can get in the gallery.
If you are a purveyor of Stonehenge Art or Collectables and would like to have your product considered for inclusion, by all means contact me !
The more affiliate links we can establish the more useful this site will become for the casual visitors. Over time, I would like to see the gallery become a definitive index to Stonehenge Collectables.

Featured items from other Collections: These items are part of other collections and will be attributed accordingly. If you are a collector and are willing to contribute images and text to this effort please contact me.

I would be interested to know if you have any Stonehenge items of interest, I am doing a personal census of both the purveyors and collectors of StonehengeCollectables around the world and would like to hear from you. works :)

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